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Our programs offer training and skills that are often not taught as a part of the traditional academic curriculum. Delivered in the form of webinars or workshops or business case competitions or 1:1 guidance - we are a one-stop-shop for students' holistic professional development. Not sure what career path to pick? Need help for study abroad? Want to speak to a mentor for personalized guidance? Want to improve your communication skills? - we are here to help!

Professional Skills Development & Career Guidance

Delivering presentations. Writing an impressive resume and nailing that job interview. Preparing for MBA applications. Figuring out what career options are best for you. Preparing for your first job. 

Our Achieve program focuses on training you on peripheral skills critical to your next career step. 


One-on-One Mentorship

Navigating through the student journey is exciting but can be stressful and overwhelming. Wouldn't it make a difference if someone with relevant experience has your back?
In the Engage program, we pair students in need of professional and career advice with mentors who have shared interests and skillsets - to help you guide through your career journey.


Communication & English-language Skills Development

Communication in English is increasingly viewed as a "must-have" for career success. However, it intimidates a large proportion of students - especially if your medium of education during early years was different from English. We do not want your career growth to be hampered by your limited English proficiency.
In the Empower program, we conduct 2-day workshops in batches of 30 students to equip you with the foundational skills to improve your English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. 
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Scientific & Technical Training

Reading a scientific manuscript, or writing one. Preparing your next poster presentation. Making figures to better convey your science. Using statistics in scientific research. 
In the Innovate program, we conduct webinars and talks specifically designed to complement your scientific learning.


"An important aspect of Spark Mentoring is the session topics and mentors. These are the people whom we have closely seen and interacted with. They are of our age group and thus we can relate all our problems and challenges with them. It makes all the sessions more interesting and impactful. I appreciate all effort taken by Spark Mentoring Team."

- Anup

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