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Career Guidance Series

Wondering what to do next? The INSPIRE career guidance series showcases the professional lives and career trajectories of a diverse set of successful ICT alumni. The goal is to give you a glimpse into some potential career paths. They might just come in handy as you plan your next step. 

If you can’t see it, you can’t be it!

Program Directors: Anusha Pusuluri & Ammar Arsiwala


The path to academia

Prajakta Dandekar Jain, Tej Choksi

Do you feel passionate about research and envision running your own lab? Do you look at your professors and feel like doing what they are doing? Hear about the journeys of two ICT alumni who are now pursuing successful careers in academia as professors.



Aditi Moorthy, Viddhi Khanna

Pursuing further studies abroad can be a great step in your learning and career. But what if you do not want to settle abroad? Learn about the journeys of two ICT alumni who went the other way and decided to relocate to India to pursue their careers after their educational stints abroad.



science beyond the lab

Rohit Rao, Kiran Iyer

It’s not all about the beakers and pipettes in a lab; cool science also happens outside of it. Join us to see how two ICT alumni are solving real-world scientific problems computationally and learn more about what you can do to become a computational researcher.


Keep Calm & Spring Back

Sushant Turekar, Rishabh Barguzer

Life is often not linear and there are lows that might make you want to give up. But hey, you learn more from setbacks! Come hear interesting stories of two ICT alumni who faced challenges during their educational journeys, but kept their calm and sprung back!



what Does it Take to be an Entrepreneur

Shirin Shinde, Swapnil Kokate

Starting your own company is no easy feat! Learn how two ICT alumni started their own ventures and get a glimpse into their professional journeys in this session. You never know, you could be next.


Breaking Convention

Youthika Chauhan, Aparna Raghavan

Worried about doing things differently? Fret not, it is not really that scary. Two ICT alumni pursuing unconventional career paths will talk about their journeys and share some insights into how to break away from convention and pursue what truly excites you.


getting the most out of an indian phd experience

Ketan Patel, Suruchi Rao

India’s higher education system is expanding dramatically, paving the way for increased global recognition. Pursuing a Ph.D. degree can be difficult and challenging, but you can set yourself up for success - like these two ICT Ph.D. alumni who will show you how to strategically maximize the available resources.


A Day in the Life of a Management Consultant

Shashank Rao, Radhika Vyawahare

Does solving complex business and operational problems excite you? Do you want to leave a lasting impact by helping business and governmental organizations optimize their performance, maximize growth, and create value? A job that requires working in all sectors! Two ICT alumni are here to talk about a day in the life of a management consultant.

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