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communication skills development

Communication in English is increasingly viewed as a “must-have” passport for career success; however, it intimidates a large portion of the population even today. We do not want your career to be hindered by your limited skills in the English language. With the EMPOWER program, we hope to equip you with all-round English writing, reading, and listening skills to help you communicate effectively.

We at Empower are excited to announce the successful completion of our first module on October 23, 2021! This workshop was conducted in two batches over 4 Saturdays, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from our participants!

If you are interested in participating in future seasons of this program, please fill out this short survey.

Program Directors: Akshat Mullerpatan & Vasudev Haribal

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Millions of people around the world are anxious about public speaking, and several others are constantly looking for ways to hone all aspects of their communication skills. While some suffer from a lack of confidence, others may find it difficult to communicate in English. We completely understand, as we have been through this ourselves.


To combat this gap for effective communication, we at Spark Mentoring are excited to introduce EMPOWER!


Through the EMPOWER program, you can:
1. Build confidence
2. Achieve clarity in communication


Through our module of 4 interactive 90-minute sessions, you can actively follow a step-by-step approach to grow in various aspects of communication.


"It was a wonderful experience. It gave us a platform over which we could overcome the communication barriers & bring out our thoughts.It also helped me to get rid of my insecurities which we felt during public speaking. The confidence has leveled up & it shall help me in the future. Thanks to the empower team"

- EMPOWER Season 1 participant

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