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Achieve professional & peripheral skills development

Delivering presentations. Writing an impressive resume and nailing that job interview. Preparing for GRE or GMAT. These are critical and important skills regardless of the profession you choose next. Under the ACHIEVE series, we have programs specifically designed to enhance your professional peripheral skills. 

Program Director: Natarajan Srikrishnan


How to Make an Effective Presentation

Anusha Pusuluri, Ammar Arsiwala

Well-designed presentations help to captivate your audience - and it starts with how impactful your slides are. This workshop covers tips and practices essential to creating effective PowerPoint presentations.


how to improve

your communication skills

Rahul Sangodkar

Being able to communicate clearly, confidently, and persuasively is one of the most important life skills. This workshop guides you on how to hone your speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. 

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How to write a Resume.png


How to write a resume

Suchitra Pisal, Anagha Nimkar

Your resume makes the first impression - and it needs to stand out. Learn how to make a resume that can effectively convey the unique value and talent you bring to the organization.


How to Prepare for Job Interviews

Akshat Mullerpatan, Suchitra Pisal

Job interviews can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time. A successful interview is the final step to landing a job. This workshop will teach you how to prepare for and conduct yourself during the interview. 

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Getting your mba

Chhayarani Tantry, Natarajan Srikrishnan, Dhvanil Dharia, Medha Narang

What do I need to do to get an MBA? When do I start preparing for CAT? MBA in India or Abroad? Come get these questions answered in the ‘Getting your MBA’ panel session.


Applying for MS/PhD Abroad

Rabia Kodapanakkal, Anirudh Venkatesh, Rucha Thakar, Tej Choksi

Thinking of pursuing further studies abroad, and not sure where to start? What does the GRE/TOEFL preparation look like? What options other than the US? Come get these questions answered in the ‘Applying for MS/Ph.D. Abroad’ panel session. 

Blue and White Modern Corporate Business
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How to write a compelling sop

Vishwanath Dalvi, Rucha Thakar

Made up your mind on pursuing an MS/Ph.D., but not sure how to best write your Statement of Purpose (SOP)? Do you seem to be spinning your wheels on where to start, how to structure it, and how to showcase your personal WHY? A compelling SOP is critical to a successful application process. This workshop will cover tips on how to navigate different stages of SOP writing and effectively write your SOP.


How to write aN executive-level business case

Aditi Agarwal, Anshu Srivastava

In every industry, executive leaders are constantly challenged with making important decisions on how to prioritize key initiatives/ideas and get the best ROI for their limited money. This workshop will teach you tips that will prove fruitful to your technical or business careers ahead!

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